Why Get Health Insurance?

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Common Reasons For Emergency Room Visits & Their Average Costs:

Why Health Insurance Is Important For Your Future

Not having health insurance, either obtained from an individual marketplace or through the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) because you feel that you are healthy and there’s no reason to right now, it is the equivalent of gambling with your future quality of life. That might sound dramatic, but think of it this way.

Imagine your entire life from birth to death is represented by a long piece of string. From age 1 to age 18, add one knot in that string for every time you had to go to the hospital or doctors office. Now from age 19 to 34 add three knots for every medical event. From age 35 to 55, add two knots per event. From there on, it’s one knot per event.

Now you might be asking yourself, why the difference between the number of knots. Well from when you are born till you leave home someone else was looking out for you, taking care of your needs. Those knots weren’t yours to untangle. From 19 to 34, you’re (most often) on your own, those problems are yours to deal with. Three knots because in that age range, statistically people aren’t anywhere close to reaching their maximum earning potential. Medical bills and problems require money to fix if you are not insured. So those “medical events” that come up in life, they’re three times as difficult to deal with in that age range financially because you’re now on your own. From 35 on, statistically you should be earning more and therefore have an easier time dealing with “medical events”.

Here’s why we specifically mentioned that you’re gambling with your quality of life. Now take your string and all of its knots and then imagine there’s someone you want to spend a significant part or all of your life with. This could be a husband or wife or even a business partner. Now wind the two strings together. Even if that other string has ZERO knots which is most likely impossible, your knots have now become theirs.

For most people, they are not alone for their entire lives. Our paths and lives intertwine with others, effecting us both positively and negatively. How many of your friends and family members of a similar age have had unexpected knots come up in their life? Car accident, sports injury, illness, childbirth. To think that you will be the one who will beat the odds and go through life without any knots, it is a huge gamble. Not just for you, but for whomever else is going to be there with you.

You have nothing to lose by exploring your options and we very much hope that we can help you do so.